How to Watch Live Sports Games Without Cable

What happens after you decide to cut the cord on cable broadcast? You need an alternative to root for your favorite team in the comfort of your home. And that is finding the best ways to stream live sports on TV. The good news is most devices you own can allow you to watch all sorts of sports. You can stream live sports on your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. The million-dollar question is; how do you watch sports online for free?

Watch Live Sports Games Without Cable

Sports junkies rely on cable subscriptions to watch multiple sports channels without spending too much money. However, times change, and you no longer have to install cable to follow your favorite sports and teams. Suppose you are selective with the games you watch and determined to cut the cord; finding the best sports streaming service can spice up watching pro sports. In that case, we have reviewed some of the best streaming services allowing you to watch pro sports live.

Top 6 Best Sports Streaming Services

Below are some of the best ways to stream sports. The below-discussed streaming services provide over-the-air solutions and adequate skinny bundles. Our choices below are some of the most practical live TV services that will supplement cord-cutting decisions. Your best choice, however, will depend on the breadth of your love for various sports and your intended budget.

Hulu + Live TV

This is our best middle-ground live sports service. It costs $70 on HULU and includes an automatic ESPN Plus subscription. Besides that, you can watch ABC, TNT, CBS, TBS, FS1, FS2, ESPN, NBC, NFL, Fox, and 4 RSNs. This package serves sports fans well enough, availing several games and events live. However, you will need access to several league-owned channels.


Although DirecTv is relatively expensive, it is second on our list of the best live sports streaming services. As a sports fanatic, you need a live TV streaming service with the most RSNs. Fortunately, that is precisely what DirecTV offers its subscribers. Its cheapest package costs $75 and includes ESPN, TBS, FS1, TNT, and major networks if you move up to a $100 package to get any RSN available.


Experience the ultimate middle-ground live sports package with UltimateStreamhub. For only $60, you’ll get a 6-month subscription that includes automatic access to Live TV Channels, VOD Movies, and the ability to watch live sports events.


If you are a casual sports fan with a select choice of games, ESPN Plus will serve the purpose. Hockey die-hards are fans of this package. With a $10 monthly subscription or a discounted $100 annual fee, you get global soccer, NHL, Select MLB, UFC events, etc. This service is also available in Hulu + Live TV and Disney packages.


Get most of your local channels, and a 35RSNs offer for $75 per month on FuboTV. The RSNs include ESPN, which solves many of your American sports problems. However, the package does not have TBS or TNT, a blow to some sports enthusiasts. You also get the Golf Channel, Beln Sports, FS1, FS2, Fox, and the Big 10.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the fifth on this list of top live TV and sports streaming services. This choice costs $65 monthly for major national networks and four RSNs. The package includes ESPN, FS1, FS2, TNT, and TBS.

Other Live TV and Sports Streaming Services

  • Peacock;
  • Sling TV;
  • CNET Shopping
  • Philo;
  • Paramount+;
  • Free Over-the-Air TV;

What is the cheapest way to watch live sports?

One can access live games and events in several ways. However, the amount of money you spend on streaming subscriptions entirely depends on your choice of sports activities to follow. For a casual sports fan, ESPN is the most affordable. With a subscription of $10 a month, you get to watch several pro sports live.

Can I watch sports on Fire TV, Android, iOS, PC, and Mac MAG set-top boxes?

The answer is yes. You can watch sports and live TV on Fire TV using various devices. This includes PC, Smart TVs, iOS, Android, and other connected devices.

We all get overwhelmed with the cable TV monthly contracts at some point. Sometimes you want access to just a handful of favorite channels and on-demand broadcasting services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. That is where live TV streaming services come in. With a budget as low as $40 per month, you can enjoy local programs, national news, and live professional sports events.